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Mike's Blender, born in May 2003 has gone through many revisions. This is the 4th major revision so far.

In the beginning it was just a way to showcase my (at the time) recently acquired web designer skills, which weren't much to speak of really. The web was a very different place back in the early 2000s however, full of flash animation, rollovers and ugly animated gifs, all of which, for the most part have (thankfully) disappeared.

I revised it about a year later and made it into the site where it gained a modicum of popularity, a blog about food, life and adventures in Japan. I left it in this form (though changing the design a few times) for the next six years.

I've since left Japan though, so a change was needed. My choices were either to consign mikesblender to the netherword of forgotten and shunned websites, or reinvent it somehow. Shunning would certainly be easier, but I still wanted someplace (other than facebook, etc.) to showcase my art on the web. So reinvent it was.

For those of you who get no interest out of art or design, I've left my old site up in a legacy format. Just click the legacy button to be whisked back to the good old days of dried squid, chocolate beer and crazy Tokyo life.


I was born and raised in Canada, then after graduating from university I headed off to travel all over Asia. Most of that time was spent in Japan, though I also visited China, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia while in the area.
I've since returned from my 10 year trek and am currently living in the nation's capital and working as a graphic designer.

if you like what I do and are interested in hiring me I am currently taking on freelance contracts. Please message me through this website's comment system, twitter, or if you'd prefer more privacy you can email me directly at beddallm [at] gmail [dot] com.



Oil painting is my passion. It's the one activity/hobby of many I took up that I've consistently stuck with. Painting is the reason why I'm currently studying Graphic Design. It gave me (a much needed) direction and made me realize that instead of studying Linguistics in University so many years ago I should've been studying art and design. Of course I wouldn't trade in all those great years of living in Japan for anything, but it does make me wonder... Where would I be today if I'd had this sense of purpose coming out of highschool?

2007 December
Group Show
The Pink Cow (Tokyo)

2009 November
Solo Exhibition
The Pink Cow (Tokyo)

2010 May
Group Show
Gamuso (Tokyo)

2010 June
Group Show
Design Festa Gallery (Tokyo)

2011 February/March
Solo Exhibition
Starbucks (Glebe, Ottawa)



Graphic design is the reason I came back to Canada from Japan, the reason why I'm updating this site and is the main thing you'll see on these pages for the forseeable future.

My skill set currently includes extensive knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, After Effects and Dreamweaver (currently using CS5.5). I enjoy working with both web and printed media but profess a certain love affair with paper and ink (as opposed to screen).

Have a look at my online portfolio in the graphic art section.




Sometimes on my voyages through the internet, I'll come across strange and bizarre things, like photographs that I took being used on someone else's website, without permission or even a linkback! I'm not a professional photographer, nor do I do things like watermark my images, but please, at the least, link back to me. Is that so hard? For all of you who have emailed me over the years for permission to use my images (even CNN one time!) thank you very much. For those of you who steal, for shame. Get your own camera.

I currently shoot with a Nikon D300s plus a growing pile of lenses and equipment, and love it all dearly.